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Loker PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

Lowongan Kerja : gotokerja.comPT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) merupakan industri pertambangan batubara yang terletak di daerah Sengata, Kalimantan Timur. KPC sudah beroperasi semenjak tahun 1992, serta ialah salah satu pertam bangan open pit terbanyak di dunia. PT Kaltim Prima Coal( KPC) mengoperasikan tambang batubara di Sangatta Kalimantan Timur serta ialah salah satu tambang batubara ekspor terbanyak di dunia. Buat mempertahankan letaknya selaku penghasil batu bara sangat efektif di dunia, KPC lagi melaksanakan kenaikan bisnis serta kinerja secara resmi. PT Kaltim Prima Coal( KPC) mempunyai konsesi pertambangan dengan dimensi dekat 90. 938 hektar di Sangatta serta Bengalon di provinsi Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. Pada 2012, total penciptaan batubara KPC di tambang Sangatta serta Bengalon menggapai 41, 0 juta ton, naik dari 40, 5 juta ton pada 2011. 

Saat ini PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) membuka kesempatan bagirekan gotokerja.com untuk bergabung bersama ke perusahaan melalui lowongan kerja yang tersedia. 

Lowongan Kerja PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

    Posisi yang tersedia :

Lowongan Maintenance Admin Officer

    Qualification :

Key element of the position include:
Undertake a variety of clerical functions to KPC standards to provide an accurate, timely, and quality administrative support service.
Monitor all KPC requirements for consultants such as professional appointments, medical cover, work permits, other document processing, etc.
Review, on a regular basis, the Section’s/Unit’s stationery and office supplies to ensure these items are secure, and neatly maintained and the Department/Section has the necessary support materials.
Maintain above minimum stock levels.
Sort, record, and distribute the Section’s/Unit’s mail to keep track of incoming/outgoing mail, forward misdirected items to the correct destinations, and ensure the timely delivery of mail items both within and external to KPC. Alert the Superintendent/Supervisor to any mail possibly requiring urgent response/action.
Maintain the Section’s/Unit’s leave roster and inform the Superintendent/Supervisor of possible clashes in schedules.
Compose basic draft memos and letters for the Superintendent or Supervisor and other senior employees to review.
Recommend and implement as directed, enhancements to existing office processes and systems to improve the Department’s effectiveness and provide better customer service.
Prepare meal box and snacks schedule within a monthly manner and ensure to meal provider that quantity meets actual manpower.
Process request for banlaw and fuel authorization sticker, both new and replacement.
Create Purchase Requisition (PR) using the Ellipse application for goods related to safety items, office stuff, stationery, and others requested from the Department/Section.
Create Issue Requisition (IR) using Ellipse application for trades general hand tools and Protective Personnel Equipment (PPE) as per approved Manager/Superintendent.
Liaise with visitors/consultants to the KPC site/office to arrange appointments with the Superintendent/Supervisor and administer associated travel/accommodation requirements.
Answer incoming telephone calls to provide prompt, effective customer service, direct inquiries to the correct individual, and take clear, detailed messages for the Superintendent/Supervisor and other Department employees.
Create Work Request (WR) for small building repair/maintenance, AC maintenance, and others.
Provide a light vehicle transportation schedule for supervision personnel and coordinate with the transport section team.
Submit KIMPER application for training and practical test schedule (for light vehicles, light trucks, heavy equipment, and support equipment) and coordinate with the Operator Training Centre or OHS Dept. Access personnel information on the Ascender system and print reports as required.
Maintain the integrity of the Department/Section’s budget by ensuring orders are directed to the correct cost codes. Review monthly cost reports and report any irregularities.
Produce presentation materials as required.
Operate office equipment such as photocopiers, computers, and shredding machines. Retain copies of all reports/documents distributed by the Department and file according to the Department’s filing system.
Input the Prinasa reports from Managers, Superintendents, and Supervisors into the Prinasa record application system.
Maintain the section filing system to track documentation, register information consistent with KPC’s standards, and update records as necessary.
Administer the attendance system using fingerprint within the department/section, updating employee data records, and interfacing data to be recorded in the Ascender System for employee timesheet recording purposes.
Administer specific database systems related to maintenance activities such as TTC, CIC in Ellipse system, contract reconcile, and Intelex System at relevant Department/Section in MSD.
Demonstrate and encourage conformity to and implementation of HSE regulations, policies, rules, and systems.
Implement and supervise the implementation of business and performance improvement within the work unit.
Implement activities as an instruction to achieve efficient and optimum manner.

Qualifications :
Minimum Senior High School graduates with 7 years related experience or D3 graduates with 3 years related experience in secretarial or business administration with strong administrative and/or office experience.
Excellent computer skills, particularly in MS Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) and computer software packages.
Good understanding of Intelex system, Prinasa system, Total Tyre Control (TTC), Ascender, Ellipse application, and fingerprint attendance database.
Sound knowledge of all KPC and general safety procedure and regulations.
Sound knowledge and ability to use office equipment such as photocopiers and others.
Good communication skills in Bahasa and English.
Good interpersonal and presentation skills.
Concern to detail and accuracy.
High initiative and self-motivation.

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